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Is it safe to go on a holiday in Egypt?

Many Europeans have always been happy to spend their holiday vacation in Egypt. Of course, we can not give a 100 % guarantee for your safety. But who can do that? Things can happen anywhere, in Turkey, Spain, Italy or even in Germany. What we can do is describe the situation here – it is more than quiet. Neither riots, nor any other incidents took place in our region in the last few months.

Why is this so?

The media often reports about unrest in Sinai. However, most people do not know much about the geographical location. The attacks and arrests by the military mostly take place in a region in the north of the Sinai, which is located at the border of the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean. This region is more than 400 km away from Dahab!

Who ensures my safety?

Beside the police and the military, especially the Bedouin tribes in our region are very concerned to ensure the safety of tourists, as the majority of Bedouins live off tourism. It is calming to know that no one is more familiar with the mountains and winding paths of the region than the widely established Bedouins!

How is the situation now?

We can describe the situation here as quiet. There neither are, nor were any demonstrations or disputes. Our area is almost exclusively inhabited by Egyptians and Bedouins who earn their living off tourism. People in our region have only one main concern: When will the tourists come back? All other worries have become insignificant. Like in Germany, Austria or England 99.9 % of the people want to live and work in order to feed themselves and their families.

What about diving?

Currently there are not as many tourists as compared to the previous years, consequently dive sites are not visited as much as they used to. We can compare the diving today as it used to be 15 years ago. Two and a half years ago we had about 50 divers at some dive sites, today we have perhaps 20 divers, or even no other diving groups accompanying us.

We recommend to not miss out on this kind of diving!

Holiday in Egypt is cheaper then ever.

Due to the current exchange rate ( 1 euro = 9.3 Egyptian pounds ) the holiday costs are extremely low.

So don’t be troubled, visit us, and experience Egypt’s hospitality as you know it!

Ingrid & Mohamed El Kabany

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InMo Divers Home Dahab


Ingrid & Mohamed Kabany would like welcome you to the INMO Divers Home website. Throughout this website we have tried to give you as much information as possible about ourselves and our dive centre so that you'll feel at home at your INMO Divers Home. We set up our hotel and dive center in 1989, close to the heart of Dahab, building it in an Arabic style, in order to share with all of our guests not only our home but also a taste of the Orient.

InMo Divers Dahab

Dive Center

Diving is our speciality. For this reason we are passionate about giving you the best possible service with regard to equipment, training and guiding.
We offer you an extensive range of training courses in PADI and also in SSI.

Dive Now
Padi SSI
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Our hotel and dive centre are located directly at the house reef, with  a view over the Gulf of Aqaba to Saudi Arabia.
Our restaurant, swimming pool and  children's play area with its cave and paddling pool are located directly at the beachside.
Lounging on the sun deck makes your time between dives a pleasure.
We also offer you free Internet connection.
Importantly for families, child care is provided by INMO tea during your dives.

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We specialize in offering fascinating desert safaris to Bedouin lands and dive safaris to selected dive spots that are not known to the public.
Should you be interested, we can provide you with a mixture of both trips.


Firstly,  we take a beautiful trip trough the desert, transporting our dive equipment in a jeep or on the back of a camel.  Our goal is to enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Red Sea with its varied fish and coral.

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